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    Originally Posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE View Post
    A good example of a good nature for a Pokemon... will be Nincada. Good nature for it is Adamant because it raises it's Attack stat and lowers it's Sp. Attack stat. It won't be using it's Sp. Attack anyway so it is a good tradeoff.

    i suppose that depends on what you will use the nincada for however.. i went and caught a lot of jolly shiny nincada, and i find jolly good if you want it to be a baton passer etc. but i suppose adamant would be useful for an offensive ninjask/shedinja... i don't know XD i just know jolly is useful

    anyway, i have now nearly finished on making a shiny team, here is the trainer card! i'll try and take pics of the actual pokemon too:

    i have been doing a lot of work for quite some time chaining these pokes and synchronizing for the right natures..and i'm finally ready to EV them..i also picked the ones that had the best IV's

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