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    I never watched beyond the first season, because they stopped airing it for a while. Then they started it again, and I also watched it for a while, but I kind of grew to old to like Pokémon anymore. I've still liked it for all these years, though, and I never even thought about throwing away my Pokémon toys and other stuff. I still watch the episodes we had taped back then, too xD And yeah, they still air it here, but I really don't feel like waking up at 8AM in Sunday mornings after I've gone to sleep at 3AM or something. Not my cup of tea, really.
    Did you see that? I know an English idiom even though I'm a non-native! Rock on!

    Given the fact that Pokemon can apparently be broken down to a digital form and sent via computers ("Electric Soldier Porygon," the games, et cetera), "data" here also includes the Pokemon within the balls. Alternatively, the machine merely overwrites the trainer's data, and the ball is transported digitally to the other end of the machine.
    Then, why can't the data on a Pokéball be deleted? Why can't they reuse Pokéballs? I really think that's highly inconvenient...

    Argh, I'm having terrible difficulties in writing, because my cat's sleeping in my lap. He always comes to sit in my lap and watch as I write, and then he falls asleep and takes some impossible stance (i.e. he has his paws on my keyboard)... He's warm and I appreciate that, but does he have to be so darn impossible?

    I figured that the pokeballs are contorted by a network. Remember during the deoxys movie where they couldn't use their pokeballs, they said that the "The pokeball management system" was down.
    There is something like that? Whoa, I didn't know... That doesn't change my theory, though, but it changes the way I think about Pokéballs. They're even more inconvenient that I thought.

    "Oh, no! The cave is collapsing! I'll have to dig out fast!" he yelled as he threw his pickaxe aside and grabbed a Pokéball from his belt, one that he knew contained his Steelix. "Go, Steelix! Our lives depend on you!" he shouted as he threw the ball. He felt terrified, but he knew his Steelix could handle the situation. It wouldn't be the first time his trusted partner saved him from certain death.

    The ball hit the stone wall, a couple of little rocks fell from the roof, but nothing else happened.

    "Steelix..?" he asked, whith his voice shivering. "What the..."

    A computerized female voice echoed from a small speaker at the button of the ball. "The Pokémon you tried to dial is currently unavailable. We're experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later and we're sorry for any inconvenience."

    "Holy shi-" he began, but never finished his sentence. The stone boulders crushed his body, leaving nothing but a faint scent of iron that could be smelled from under the pile of rubble...

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