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    Originally Posted by An-chan View Post
    It's a pure miracle how cats can always sit on whatever you're reading and manage to find the exact place in the text you want to read next. They sit exactly on that exact spot. I seriously don't know how is it possible that they succeed every time. In my case, though, our dog does it too whenever I'm reading on my bed.
    Yeah, I know how you feel. I have three cats who all do that, so I can not read or write unless they are hyper. Also, I recently adopted this kitten I named Gus, who likes to sit on peoples shoulders. It's the cutest thing, but he does not like to get off. Very annoying when your are trying to do something, and there is a cat on your back, forcing you to hunch forward, nearly pressing your face into the keyboard. I don't have to worry about them getting on my bed though, they're to lazy to jump the five feet up to my loft bed. So if I want to read, I just lay down on my bed and read. They do sometimes beg to get up there though. I can never resist that.

    I bet that if I could beg like a cat, I could take over the world! Muahahahahahaha- *hack* *cough* hack* -hahahahah!!!
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