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    Originally Posted by Xanthine View Post
    And Windows jokes a plenty! (If only Bill and his colleagues had switched to Linux...)
    I think I love you. Will you marry me?

    *hides behind her army of chainsaw-wielding Chansey*
    ...Cheap... Luckily I have a spy in your army! And although you'd think so, it's not the little, brown and furry one that carries a flamethrower around! Nope, it's not that one! I can assure you! You don't have to ask that Sent- *cough* deformed Chansey any questions!

    omg u n00b dont u no that pikachu is btter?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    yeah ashs pikachu rocks but theyr all stupid like going all pikapika and running and their so boring I like eevee because its so powerful u no like it can sand atakc and alland it looks better shiny ur noob urself u meanie i hate u!!111
    (Am I being contradictory here?)

    Also, yes, Pikachus are indeed bitter...

    I bet that if I could beg like a cat, I could take over the world! Muahahahahahaha- *hack* *cough* hack* -hahahahah!!!
    No, you could not, because I do not give in to cat-begging! My cat, for example, just almost begged his eyes out in the kitchen, and all I gave him was a piece of ham, a piece od cheese and...
    Oh, drats, you really could take over the world...

    Also, I'd like to see your kitten ^-^ When this cat I call mine (we have another one, too, and he's the father of my cat) was smaller, he used to sleep in my boyfriend's hood that sure was adorable...

    Oh, and Buoysel: thanks for the link and the compliment! It felt really weird watching Pokémon dubbed in English, though... All I've ever watched are the Japanese and the Finnish versioins. The Pokémon voices are the same in Finnish and English and Ash sounds very similar. I think Japanese voice acting is best... Seeing, for example, how much more convincing Pikachu sounds than Blaziken.

    By the way, what happened to the almost serious conversation?

    Also, I'm reading a fic in FFNet (one that Xanthine linked in AEM) and I'm laughing my ass off. The author just introduced a girl whose hair colour is dirty blond and all of the main characters have been abandoned by their parents before they turned ten (the protagonist, I think, ran away when he was five...) because they were weak (what is this author, a spartan?). Also, the son of Grey Oak (I would suspect this is Gary) is pure evil. I'm almost expecting him to start strangling puppies.

    Yeah. Haha.

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