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Oh good lord. Much as I'm afraid what you'll do to it, it may be imperative for you to use my fic, the Eon Chronicles. I love the book to death, and I wouldn't consider it a badfic by any means, but it's more or less made to be parodied. I was considering making one myself until I saw this thread.

Name of the Fic: Eon Chronicles.
Link: Here.
Summary: An angsty thirteen-year-old boy named Ren is paired up with a Latias, the latter of which is a compassionate, understanding, perfect friend with an endless supply of patience. A fifteen-year-old named Kairn, at first a bully to Ren, undergoes a miraculous transformation to become one of Ren's best friends after a life-threatening experience. He in turn befriends a Latios, who is an endless source of wisdom and comforting words. There are telepathic connections everywhere, plenty of emotional and dramatic scenes, tons of overused pokemon, and the whole fic is treated as srs, srs business.

Enjoy! Oh, and just do as many chapters as you want. It's about eighty pages long right now, so just end whenever you feel like it. I believe twenty-five pages would be about...eight or so chapters in, if you need a tangible stopping point.
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