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Aha, this would be epic. Behold what I still maintain is one of the most utterly ridiculous pieces of Pokémon fanfiction ever written. It almost MSTes itself.

Name of the Fic: Molzapart and Rainteicune
Summary: So like there's this Pokémon called MOLZAPART and it's a mix between Articuno and Zapdos and Moltres, and Mew too just for the hell of it, and it has 500 in all of its stats and five types and no weaknesses oh wait it does RUN FOR YOUR LIVES. And then there's also this Pokémon called RAINTEICUNE and its origin story includes the phrase "Hospital Machine's Thundershock" and then Ash's son came and captured it and used it in battles against a random guy using clones of Raikou, Entei and Suicune. Oh, and EVOLUTION IS EVIL.
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Still not going to sprite for your fangame. Sorry, but I don't really sprite or give out permission for people to use my fake Pokémon anymore.
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