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    Originally Posted by h POKE View Post
    Not to discourage anyone, but...
    This sounds a whole heck of a lot like The Lost World except with an even more broad and expansive world. Meaning, this may well flop in a matter of months. But, I applaud you on your effort and will give you my token advice.
    Don't overdo it. Set up a regular schedule for yourself and make deadlines. You may end up cutting a lot of the bonus features out of the game in an effort to end up with something. As for the seasons system, I would suggest making the times of day and night change as well as the probability of certain weather effects. Will every country be included in the game? If this were the case, than you'd probably only have one town or city per country...
    Thanks for the advice, and don't worry, I'm setting up a schedule. And no, not EVERY country will be included into the game; it'll be more like every region of the world, divided into about 50 parts with several islands. Also, good idea about making times of day and night change for weather, I hadn't thought about that too much. I know this project could take a very long time - years, to be honest - but I'm determined.

    By the way, I still need some scripters, and possibly spriters, in order to speed this game up while I'm working on the maps.


    On the bright side, I pretty much finished up half of Australia today. On the more depressing side, I encountered a major setback in the scripting; a fatal error in fact, and I have to start a lot of it over.

    Expect a rough demo of Australia in less than a week, peoples!
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