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    Okay, I have a request for a save game file - I want to get more seriously into breeding, but my sapphire version(my most complete version) is on my GBA game and not on the computer, and i find the computer so much easier. Thank you so much if someone does this - I'll be forever grateful.

    Game (Required): Ruby or Sapphire, with National Dex unlocked, if possible? (if it cant be unlocked that kinda defeats a good portion of my request, but if it is, I'll deal with it)
    Player's name: Jess(any works, though)
    Playing time : any
    Number of Badges: 8 preffered(since this is primarily for breeding), not necessary
    Location (this means location in game): any
    Team (Required): gender is noted
    lvl5-15 Vulpix - f
    lvl5-15 Ponyta(would LOVE a shiny) - f
    lvl5-15 Cyndaquil - m
    lvl5-15 Treecko - m
    lvl5-15 Charmander(again, shiny would be AWESOME) - f
    lvl5-15 Houndour - f
    Pokémon in box: Yes, please(not all needed, but all would be nice):

    lvl5-15 Eevee(x2 please - 1 female, 1 male)
    lvl5-15 Bagon - m
    lvl5-15 Dratini - f
    lvl5-15 Absol - f
    lvl5-15 Skitty - m
    lvl5-15 Meowth - m
    lvl5-15 Seel - m
    lvl5-15 Ditto
    lvl5-15 Smeargle - m
    Additional information: If the game could have a fair supply of stones, exp shares, master balls(dont need like 100, 10 or so would be more than enough), and money, that'd be great. Again, thanks to anyone who helps me jump start my breeding program.