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    Originally Posted by Skunter View Post
    To Xanthine: Stargate is one of those few series in the fantasy and sci-fi genres that truly deserves the hype it’s received.
    Really? Hmm. I wonder if I can YouTube it, then.

    Anyways, sorry if I’m hogging your thread; it’s just I really do like your fic. Too bad there aren’t more interesting fanfics out there like yours.
    Thanks muchly. =D

    I'll have to agree with you about the fandom, though. It's really frustrating to see all of these fics that are essentially the same thing with different names. Of course, it means that somewhere along the line, there was something original that everyone keeps trying to emulate, but it takes a lot of effort to dig back that far to find it. And even then, sometimes, the cake is a lie (excuse the meme), and the original's not as great as you thought it'd be. (Pokemon MASTER, for example. You know, the one everyone says is the first epic Pokemon fic? Couldn't even get through the first couple of chapters. Oh, the character rape! The character rape! *curls up and cries*)

    Oddly enough, I haven't read too much of Dragonfree's epic. I've been meaning to because the first couple of chapters make it seem interesting, but I've also got a fairly short attention span when it comes to reading things online. (This is why I've also never finished Pokemon Rebirth: Ultimatum, which is supposedly the only other really good trainer fic out there, from what I've heard. People keep raving about it, but I get distracted by shiny objects.)

    It’s really ‘hit-and-miss’ nowadays since it seems like everyone on seems to be piling into PokéCommunity.
    So I've noticed. XD Is it at all bad that I'm tempted to stay away from SPPf just because I keep seeing members leaving there?

    But, to kind of answer your question… Biohazard is actually one of two fics that involve some of the same Legendary Fakemon, but in different scenarios. The other, Feral Twilight, is really the one that involves my demons of “Dark Nostalgia” that try to break the main character as the story progresses. In Biohazard, they play a different role; trying to help the hero, a guy turned Buizel, remember his past involvement with a manmade Pokémon. Though, nobody ever said it was to make things better for him. Guess this doesn’t mean much now since I had them closed so I could do revisions on them for the umpteenth time.
    Ooh. Good luck! I'll have to check out the revisions once you've got them up.
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