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Yesterday at 4:43 p.m., while waiting to go back to work:

My second shiny Registeel appeared in Emerald .

After a fairly long battle, with me afraid I'd have to use the Masterball(had to go back to work), I successfully caught it in an Ultra Ball. Like my shiny Torchic and 2 shiny Electrode, shiny Registeel has a Careful nature.

It didn't take too long to appear, it was probably less than 100 SR's when I got it(thank you Emerald RNG ) I saved the game at least 3 times.

More pictures:
Old faithful DS Lite, no cheats
DS Lite 2
Nickname screen
Shiny Registeel, Careful nature

I'm now back to Regirock, crossing my fingers that it'll appear soon, so I can finish the Regi trio. I'm also SRing for Giratina, nothing after 58 days of searching .
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