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Yes, I will right now. I just noticed some errors with the new story, so editting first post now. I'd like some rates on the story. [WARNING: Its very sad.]

And its pretty long, for me. xD I got the menu system working, thanks to JV. Later, when I learn a little more about scripting, Ill make the menu system more intresting, but for now, it'll be simple. When I get the time, I'll post new screenshots and even a video when I'm done with the beginning events of the game. Stay tuned for lots of updates.
What we really need are:
-Trainer Spriters to sprite the battle sprite of Colin and April and the Professor. (also there back sprites)
-OW Spriter to make April.
-Fakemon Spriter to sprite the current three starters and placeholder fakemon.
- Fakemon spriter for the back sprites and icons of the new pokemon + a few pokemon that you find in the wild at the start of the game.
-Someone to make a better title then me.

Thats it for now, I think. Ill edit if I remember that we need something else

AND; I have deicded that we will add an evil team for a small sidequest that starts around your 2nd gym battle.
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