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    Originally Posted by *WishMaker* View Post
    can i join? 8)

    i have shiny
    mime JR
    Nice shinies. If you've noticed you have to wait til a Co-Owner approves you....

    But, uh, that may be a while.
    You can hang around anyway until you're officially approved.

    Originally Posted by Storm_Dragoon View Post
    Yesterday at 4:43 p.m., while waiting to go back to work:

    Wow. Nice and green too. Congratulations, you have won! lol

    Originally Posted by rapid whalelord View Post
    well done people i'm back !!!
    You better be. *madface* lol j/k

    Originally Posted by rapid whalelord View Post
    i need ideas should i buy ranger or keep my money for platinum i'll probably get both but what would you decide
    I've never played Pokemon Ranger. It just doesn't interest me enough. So I don't know what to tell you.

    Originally Posted by Peeplup View Post
    hey im a new shiny hunter now
    so far i have:
    Shiny Lucario (egg hatched)
    and a chained Shellos

    im not doing well but... *shrugs*
    i'll wait to be accepted in

    id like to ask a question, since there seem to be a lot of people who seem good at Shiny Hunting

    whats the least and most amount of SoftResets you've ever had to do to get a pokemon?

    im trying to do my first softreset shiny (Rotom) and i want to know roughly what to expect

    good luck to all those hunting shinys or hatching eggs!
    My quickest was my first shiny, Beldum, in under 100 resets. I roughly estimate it was around 80. Most? Totodile. Probably around 32,000 resets. In a week. Yeah. I went crazy...

    But most and never gotten? Charmander. Too many resets to count. I gave up for now.

    Originally Posted by Storm_Dragoon View Post
    My very first shiny Giratina took me 38000+SR's to get, Heatran over 62000 SR's but my shiny Squirtle came at 35 SR's, so as you can see, you can get a shiny at any number.

    My shiny Giratina I'm hunting in Platinum is over 62000 SR's. I'm usually SRing for other shiny targets as I SR for Giratina, but it doesn't want to shine . I plan on leaving Giratina when the Darkrai event rolls around, unless I need the National Dex to go to the island, which is probably the case.
    That whole 62,000 thing makes me choke a little over Magikarp. I hope I can get it soon, however...

    I have a bit of a meeting going on. I still have a little ways to go, but I hope to join the party soon....

    Good luck everyone and remember to rumble that rumble.
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