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    Originally Posted by Storm_Dragoon View Post
    Lost my chance at a shiny Giratina in Platinum, thanks to my stupid thumb. I have an elastic holding down the L-R buttons, so I had my thumb near the Start-Select ones, for easy access. I glance down and see shiny Giratina too late and my thumb pressed down on reflex, SRing the game.

    I'm totally upset about this, I could have had Giratina today and I could have started SRing for Darkrai tomorrow. Now I just gotta hope the RNG is nice to me and another shiny one appears. I'm hoping that its similar to if you got a shiny Starly at the beginning of the game when SRing for a starter, but I doubt that.
    Wow that sucks. I have never managed to SR a shiny. They never seem to like me.

    Didn't do much last night. I am playing ranger 2. I only play it for the events. The actual game itself is poor. Can't remember the name of the person that wanted it but if you don't want events then there isn't really any need to get it as the game is very boring.
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