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    You guys are all so lucky, I don't have even a working DS.

    Mine sucks, so I get bored and drop kick it and all that all the time, it freezes by touch, and I never did anything to it, so I decided to take my anger out on it now

    But I'm hoping for a new DS for X-Mas, along with Platinum, so I can SR for a shiny Darkrai and Shaymin as well.

    Hopping through Diamond, these bastards love to piss me off and cause stall wars...

    Only on Fantina. God, please let the manufacturers of the DS suffer a painful death, for wasting so much of my time.


    So here's the rundown:

    SR for a shiny Dialga
    Move on to Uxie
    Here is where I need some opinions: Should I go after an Azelf? And after, if yes, should I go for Mesprit?
    And after whatever Pixie, I will move on to tweak it up, to SR for a shiny Shaymin and Darkrai in English.
    GL all, 'specially with the Rais you two.
    young money cash money
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