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    Chapter 1-Awakening

    Heart entered the warm, tepid room Brunette was resting in. She knelt by the supple cushion where he was napping peacefully-a prospect to which she believed accustomed to.

    Heart caressed Brunette’s downy, russet-colored fur tenderly and whispered soft. “Don’t worry Brunette, I’ll come back. I’ll accompany father to the crash site; father said it contained treasures! Be a good boy while we’re gone!” Apparently, those were the final words he would ever hear from her in a long time-naïve of the approaching. Brunette awoke from his brief slumber and hopped benevolently into Heart’s lap. Licking her rose-colored cheeks blissfully with his damp tongue.

    Eee!” Brunette gave out an idyllic and cheerful bawl, the suitable mood depicted by the actions.

    Heart giggled and embraced Brunette tight but also gently. The two suddenly sensed as though it was their last meeting together; paying no heed to the trivial sentiment, Brunette revisited his pillow and curled up tightly.

    Heart opened the large stilted door then exited the cozy quarters. Opening his diminutive eyes to take a glimpse of what apparently is the final time he would ever see her, resistance and lunacy would soon flourish resplendently.

    “I’m glad I have a trainer like Heart,” smiling in appreciation then he returned to his succinct siesta-minor thoughts of the upcoming.

    An unknown departure from the two although a destined parting by their intuitions…

    Heart and her father drove off to the crash site which was in the vicinity of the local swamp, a familiar Lilycove venue. Her father was an eminent astronomer and he couldn’t defy the temptation brought by interest. Respected and pursued for his exceptional findings, he anticipated the whole astronomical community would be there. Feeling as the inquisitiveness beckoned her to escort her father.

    The grey clouds that had been weeping all day made sunset invisible, and the fluorescent and neon lights surrounding the location made the dimming of daylight unnoticeable. Soon, Heart and her father have already arrived at the site. A minority of people were already there; witnessing the hoisting of the body from its hollow that would soon reveal its true intentions. A great, metal gantry arrived near the perimeter of the area. It grasped the blue object tightly embedded in a grubby crater with its large metal claws. The depression was cavernous due to the violent brunt. Distended smoke still emanated from the aftermath.

    The crane hoisted the entity onto an elongated metallic slab. A few Hariyama steadied the object onto the slab, securing it. Few people wearing sallow lab gowns and holding polished instruments came forth. Heart’s father was one of them, voluntarily chosen due to his well-known capacity. The object appears to be a weird boulder or rock of some sort. It still seethed a cerulean aura; the bright fluorescent and neon lights shown to reveal what was occurring. A group of people gazed in the background as the others were observing the foreign object. Heart too was curiously peeking at the occurrence, eagerness as authoritative and consuming.

    “It’s nothing I’d ever seen before!” The person adjacent to Heart’s father exclaimed.

    “I agree. It looks like the exterior of this meteorite is non-organic but the signs show that the innermost part is…” His colleague cut short while protruding the object with a blunt, silvery apparatus glistening in the artificial light.

    “The innermost part is alive somehow,” Heart’s father continued as he sank a sharp device inside the rock-like body. Stating that, the cluster of people witnessing the initial observation exchanged bewildered glances at each other, perplexed by the piercing surveillance.

    With a physically powerful bluster of a mallet, Heart’s father was able to perforate the aura-seething object with the pointed contrivance. A bright azure radiance suddenly blasted out from the small fissure he formed. Then, the luminosity intensified to an eerie dark-blue, stabbing the nearing dusk.

    It speckled all throughout the crash site and shown fiercely to everything around it, piercing like a solar flare. Intensity of awing resilience.

    The illumination deprived everyone of sight. A powerful glow escaped from the humid and grimy swamp to the heart of the city and the urban settlements, so severe that it seemed ethereal.

    “Ah! Father! I can’t see a thing!” Heart cried out. She couldn’t perceive or hear a thing. Not even the deafening and shrill screams of her fellow kind who were at the same circumstances as her-alarmed and stunned to an isolated state.

    In the midst of this sudden quandary, a pale and unfamiliar voice called out. Tingling, irresolute whether it was of resonance or the forgotten noise of memory.


    “Ah? Father, is that you?” The sightless Heart asked.

    You shall….”

    “Father!?” She called out once more.

    “Be my servant as of now…” The faint voice reverberated through her mind, an indication of neither clamor sourced from the surroundings nor the elapsed remembrance pieced by her experiences; it was totally different-as of a mystifying cause.

    “Who… Who are you?” Heart fearfully asked. The fear of the unknown clenched her forcefully, so rigid she could barely breath. Her heart was contracting and beating tenfold; she could feel hot sweat running down like drizzle a pour.

    “I command you to…” ordering and cut short.

    Mustering up all lingering audacity, Heart was capable to inquire out to the indefinite tone “To… To do what?”

    To bring to me your darling Brunette! Hahaha!” The voice swiftly sounds malevolently evil as it exposed a mocking laughter. Then, abruptly the sightless radiance disappeared and Heart found herself in a barren, dark-blue milieu.

    “No!” She yelled in inclusive defiance as the tone said so.

    Yes!” wickedly, the voice exclaimed.

    Heart speedily turned around. An immense silhouette of a shadowy figure came into view. The protracted, slithery tentacle-like arms clutched her body. She thrashes about but it was no use, wasting her precious efforts. The grapple of the nightmarish creature was too strong.

    “No! I will not do it!” Heart cried as she endeavors to liberate herself from the incarcerating tentacles, desperate, intense and irrepressible breathing.

    All, but to no avail, she witnessed the gradual emergence of a large, shadowed mouth obverse of the dismal figure.

    Give me your beloved Pokémon!” ordering viciously yet again.

    “Never! I will never give Brunette to you!” Heart cried in rebelliousness and perplexity despite her life-threatening predicament, “I shall never give him to you!”

    Well, then I shall force you! Hahaha!” The figure snickered once more, but this time, it was filled with more and more iniquity and malice. Heart was then consumed by the shadowy figure.

    “Brunette!” She gave out one last sorrowful bellow before she was totally devoured, mislaid in her own mind, ensnared and restricted by forces at which liberty and self-control didn’t exist.


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