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    Chapter 2-Separation

    “Brunette!” The words flustered through Brunette’s mind as he was mislaid in realm of dreams. Temporarily distorted, he envisaged Heart gradually fading into pitch-black vapor. He tossed and turned uncomfortably in his supple cushion as he experienced the horrendous apparition.

    “Heart, no…” Brunette cried softly. Then, the nightmare vanished into the empty desolate, void.

    And soon…

    The beginning of the end is imminent…

    Chaos shall rampage violently upon this doomed globe…

    Treachery and tyrant manipulation shall manifest the souls of weak beings…

    Certainty and trust shall be shattered and courage shall be diminished…

    Corruption shall poison the fiery passion once filled within them; and greed shall fill the bare hearts of the now possessed…

    Life shall be torn away from the resistors and nightmares shall haunt them in their sleep…

    Insanity and mayhem will deride and disdain…

    The loyal and passionate bonds which bind trainer to Pokémon are now severed…

    No more hope…

    The door creaked open; a mysterious silhouette stretched through the doorway. Limping toward its target. Brunette seemed to notice the irreverent aura and presence as it entered his room. Although, his diminutive, Pokémon heart enlightened him it was “her”; part of him suspects the figure bitterly while the other optimistically endeavored him to greet her. But, instinct came & overshadowed Brunette; his heart desires to feel absolute dread and suspicion. Clutched by wild and long-confined impulse. The small coffee-colored Pokémon woke up, russet-colored hair standing from its back. It did not feel right to snarl at the hands that cared for him so much.

    Brunette gazed deeply into her cherry eyes. Seeing nothing but an oblivion of emptiness. Her rose-colored cheeks turned to pale-white. She was no longer his amorous trainer any longer.

    Heart came closer, with hands wide open, attempting to incarcerate her Pokémon-an indistinct figure, her orange T-shirt flaunts to reveal her quick movements. Brunette barked even more. She scuttled toward him, still her arms ready to seize. Dodging Heart once she was an inch close.

    With that act, Brunette’s minuscule Pokémon heart started to pound vigorously. His senses sharpened, eyes widened, ears stretched and turning. Brunette scurried out of the large room as rapidly as he could. Hurrying into the quarters of Heart’s father, seeking aid. But, like her daughter, he was as similar. The same bare gaze and intentions….

    As Brunette saw his proprietors alter into ghastly, manipulated entities and wasted into nothing but empty shells of emotionless monsters, he scampered out of the mansion, not turning back. Brunette’s brown fur and cream-colored tail tip sprawling behind him, departing all those blissful and forever cherished memoirs in the past. Tears running down heavily from his tan eyes as the thought of his trainer and her relations amending into horrifying creatures he never knew. Eyesight distorted once the globules of tears formed in his eyes.

    He was besieged to combat the unknown, thinking and judgment blocked by the trauma. The trepidation of it engulfed the Pokémon, it scoffed him alive. It wasn’t natural for Heart to do that to him. After all those cheerful times they spent together…

    In the boulevard a few blocks away from the mansion, Brunette witnessed other Pokémon escaping the dreadful clutches of their trainers. The pallid moonlight shone to divulge the atrocious actions the humans were committing.

    The Pokémon were attempting to dart their masters; confused and confounded to why they crave to confine and impound them in such a crude and spiteful manner.

    All the trainers were alike. Those void eyes filled with wicked intent. All so sudden, unexpected-the dark side of ambition.

    “What’s happening?” Brunette inquired a Delcatty who had just escaped like he did.

    “I don’t know either, everything started to fall apart once the blue rock fell,” she explained, breathing heavily. Her white fur and mauve tresses curled around her head were noticeably muddled-signs of a horrible struggle.

    The humans started to detain the frightened and feeble Pokémon who were shocked by this unforeseen pandemonium. Some of them had already escaped into the small woodlands and marshes nearby.

    Brunette saw a small Tediursa at the end of the block, struggling to get out of the sack it was captivated in.

    “Wha!!! Antonio, why are you doing this, stop it!” the Tediursa pleaded loudly.

    “Please help me!”

    The Tediursa called out once he noticed the auburn Pokémon nearby-seeking aid, perplexed.

    Brunette rushed toward the human who was chastising his kind, leaking out the trauma once flourished.

    “I’m coming Tediursa!” he yelled then darted toward him-no minute thoughts of the current.

    A sudden surge of energy burst through his small limbs, air flurried and whirled on his fur.

    However, when Brunette was a few inches away from his target, two humans opened another sack in front of him. He couldn’t stop or slow down. Brunette was going too fast…..

    It was too late…

    A streak of scarlet inferno rapidly incinerated the sacks the humans were grasping. Along with that, Brunette heard the flutter of mighty wings from above, dust swept-clouding the vision.

    Brunette suddenly saw a large appendage shine with silver luminosity, striking the three humans and knocking them unconscious with effective force. Flicking them as if they were mere toothpicks…

    The Tediursa was freed from its captivation. Relieved of its firm imprisonment.

    Then, Brunette’s whole world blacked out, the impulsive disclosure tightened his heartbeat, his breathing clutched. Darkness leisurely shadowed everything. He caught a glimpse of the great silhouette of the individual that saved them. Then, everything mysteriously disappeared. Once lost again in the unconscious periphery.

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