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    Chapter 3-Refuge

    “Uhh… Where am I?” Brunette asked. The small Pokémon moaned softly when he gradually opened his eyes to take a look around, unaware of his sense and clarity of time and location.

    Brunette discerned a Pokémon remarkably looking down at him. Having short, black fur, a red underbelly and snout, has short, pointed ears and tail, white bands on its ankles and back & has a skull on its forehead and ribs on its back.

    “I see you have waken up, we’re in the sea, well surfing on it anyway,” the stranger replied as it stared at him.

    “The sea?” Brunette asked again, confused and dazed with the answer.

    “Yes, the sea.”

    “What in the world are we doing in the sea!?” Brunette exclaimed, surprised and alarmed.

    As the little, coffee-colored Pokémon request, the other Pokémon turned its head around them, pointing. Brunette perceived they were being conveyed on the backside of Lapras. Other Pokémon were riding on their backs as well. Lapras, Wailord, Gyarados, Swampert, Tentacruel & Whiscash were also transporting & carrying other Pokémon on their backs also. Most of the passengers were very young and little, refugees which fortuitously survived. The illuminating lights of Chinchou and Lantern bathed the nearing dawn with a faint light.

    “We are going somewhere safer since our homes are now considered dangerous,” the black-colored Pokémon stated once Brunette glanced back at him.

    “Do you mean the humans?”

    The Pokémon nodded.

    “How did I get here?” Brunette inquired yet again.

    The Pokémon pointed up to answer, believing that Brunette wouldn’t comprehend a mere avowal.

    Brunette glimpsed upon the bodies of airborne Pokémon, drifting in the icy, gentle sea breeze. Some, transporting Pokémon on their backs. The ones which the sea Pokémon could not carry to any further extent.

    “He’s the one right there who brought you here,” he replied, Brunette looked in the direction pointed, tremendously immersed.

    In that way Brunette saw him, an authoritative and intimidating appearance. A sight at which there was trust and leadership. Orange all around except for its cream-colored belly and the dark-green inward part of its wings which were wide spread. Winds under its great body, hovering with both grace and power. A fierce combustion raged from the tip of his tail, flickering in the wind like a candle.

    It was a Charizard; the particular one that rescued Brunette & the Tediursa, now floating in the drifted wind.

    “Who’s he?”

    “His name’s Dragun. Like all of us here, his trainer tried to capture him,” the Pokémon explained, “He gathered most of us to safety. Dragun has friends in the other regions that can help us, although other blue sky rocks fell there too, the Pokémon in the other foreign regions might as well have the same situation as us. ”

    “Oh, I see. Well, thanks anyway for clearing up the situation for me. By the way, who are you?” Brunette questioned.

    “My name’s Dusk, you?”

    “I’m Brunette.”

    “So, what did your trainer do to you that made you black out like that?” Dusk asked in curiosity, “when Dragun brought to here you’re light’s were completely knocked out.”

    “Well, my trainer didn’t... actually…” unable to form completely coherent sentences, Brunette shut his lip. The words left his lips swiftly like startled and frightened birds.

    He stutters while the reflection of the confrontation flashed rapidly through his head. Brunette reminisced the horrible incident he fought against Heart. She was chasing him with irreverent, uncontrollable intent. Those annulled, impassive eyes aiming at him dead-center. Tears were starting to surface in his tan-colored eyes again as the nightmarish reverie emerged.

    “Bare, unconscious control isn’t it?” Dusk asked concernedly-seeming to be informed of the similarity.

    Brunette nodded in conformity. But the horrible thought impaled in his mental state. Knowing of the irrevocable and pending risks to come.

    “We are almost there!” Dragun reminded loudly as he soared ahead of the flying and surfing Pokémon, speed at which everyone of them conformed.

    Brunette gazed at the sun coating the dawn sky with magnificently bright colors painted upon a moist canvas. The sea seems to absorb the incoming sunlight that was pouring through, spilling over so abundantly it was almost the sun sank in the water. Warming the frigid sea waters at which the group was located. This marvelous spectacle kept Brunette’s tears at hold.

    Thick mist came hastening out of the striking horizon. Soon, it enclosed the dawn luminosity. It reached throughout the heavens, distorting and blurring an area at which it bordered. As they came closer, they heard the vociferous roar of powerful torrents-whirlpools. These massive monsters can engulf medium-sized, unwary Pokémon that were navigating through. Fortunately for them, Dragun took the lead, revealing to them the safer routes around these humongous behemoths that would overwhelm the surfing Pokémon at any instant; if they took an erroneous turn.

    “Are you dears doing alright?” the Lapras asked, sensing the disturbance caused.

    “We are,” both Dusk and Brunette responded in unison.

    There was no qualm that the journey was very tremulous, but they managed alright with the cautious navigation and coordination of Lapras.

    As the fog thickened & the ear-blasting sound of the whirlpools lessened, they saw an island, sheltered around in hazy obscurity and thick vegetation. It even blocked most of the life-giving sunlight that was penetrating through.

    An islet delimited by thick mist and swarming with whirlpools all around the diameter-The Mirage Island. It was extremely infrequent for one to spot this island, even more unfeasible to go to because of the perfidious and life-threatening whirlpools around it.


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