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    Well, the reason I've used the lime-green text from the start was because of my fanboying with Yu-Gi-Oh! DM's Dartz and the Seal of Orichalcos in my avatar and sig a few years back (that, and the glowing text effect that was around made it easier to see). Though now that I've moved on to GX's Haou, I suppose I don't need it anymore here. For the record, though, you could just change your forum style to one that's dark enough to not make the lime-green text a nuisance.

    *Slight* Update
    I've been going over the text from the very beginning, as I mentioned about 2 or 3 posts ago, to add that variable, as well as fix any discrepancies I had, like figuring out the amount of text I can have that'll fit into the speech boxes for the signs, speech, and phone dialogues. I've edited the intro, New Bark, Route 29, Cherrygrove, and Violet, though for some reason, I skipped Routes 30 and 31, so I'll handle them soon. Meanwhile, Pingu still hasn't PM'd me back about the CBS, and I sent the PM about 3 weeks ago...I'm really hoping he logs on soon.
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