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    Originally Posted by Infernal Contraption View Post
    They look pretty nice, Minorthreat. The second support banner is missing a line of pixels on the left, though.
    Haha whoops! I will fix it eventually!

    Well, I haven't had much time to work on Iridium lately due to the holiday season! But I decided that I should probably give a small update to the thread! So I have decided to show off a new Pokemon!
    Without further ado, I present Gerbop!

    Gerbop is the Rattata of the Iriho region, the annoying rodent, except I really think that Gerbop is quite cute and adorable!

    *Gerbop was designed and sprited by Riceeman*
    *Please do not use the Sprite*

    I also have a few announcments to make.

    1. I would like to take suggestions for simple new moves to add to Iridium. I say simple because I want to start off small with the scripting before I move into more complex details. So I would be more than happy to consider new move ideas that anyone would like to donate to the project(Credit will be given if the move is used)

    2. I'm sort of at wits end on coming up with a way to properly demonstrate how the plauge effects the Pokemon population, because I'm sure a reference to it isn't enough. So it would be a great help to have suggestions on how to demonstrate the effect of the plauge. I cannot promise that I will be able to implement any thing too complex but I would like suggestions!

    3. I am still looking for another Pokemon Spriter! I'm sure riceeman would like help spriting Pokemon for Iridium!


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