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hello - iv gone through this thread and didnt see any requests/files for pokemon diamond.

could i please have a .sav file for pokemon diamond?


Game: Diamond
Player's Name: Khuni
Playing Time: 0
Badge : 0
Location: Start of the Game
Team: Anything
Pokemon in the Box:
Have the starter pokemon. Of all version.
deoxys, jirachi, rayquaza, groudon, kyogre, latios, latias, celebi, lugio, ho-oh, larvitar, entei, raiku, suicune, blissey, miltank, mew, mewtwo, dratini, moltres, zapdos, beldum, feebas

In the Bag:
999 rare candy, 100 master ball, 999 power up, 999 iron, 999 carbon, 999 pp up, 999 hp, 999 protein.