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Originally Posted by Korronensu View Post
Naw. Liger is asking the same question I'm wondering. Covering them in grass doesn't get rid of their pre-existing scripts. If anybody knows how to delete maps and banks, that would be good info to share.
See tutorial

Try clicking on the scripts and selecting "deleate script"
Then go into the header, under map scripts click remove under every single one. This should leave the map competely blank, except for tiles.


Note: does not really deleate simply erases data

Deleating Map deleate map.JPG
Deleating scripts pt. 1deleting scripts.JPG
Deleating scripts pt. 2deleting scripts1.JPG

Or try creating a new map then inserting it in the same header.
Depends what your using it for.

Hope it helps!
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