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Originally Posted by Curt200718 View Post
Hello Everyone, Well I remember a while back (Last year I think) someone thought about making a "Regional Starter Kit". Well I have one nearly complete(after many,many hours of mapping)..I just wanted to ask all you guys if you think I should release it. It will include : Kanto Region, Sevii Islands, Johto Region, and Hoenn Region. Also should I release all the Inners aswell or just the Outside and Cave Maps? I not sure if someone else has released one or not...

I would also like to include the Sinnoh Region, but resources are scarce..
Also opinions are more than welcome......

I am about a week or so away from completing everything..I will include a poll to recieve votes about this...


Kanto Region : 100% Done
Sevii Islands : 100% Done
Johto Region : 80% Done
Hoenn Region :75% Done
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