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    My non Poke sprites always seem to get a lack of attention. Well then maybe these Fakemon will spark some of your interest. I want to say in general I get no attention, but my view count on this is bigger than threads with more replies. I guess the people who look have nothing to say about them. Not sure if that is good or bad

    Well guys its been awhile and others spriting things have gotten in the way, but finally my Fakemon sheet is done. Loads of small families this time, but that is ok. I personally like Ghillie the most.

    601 - Soots: Fire type. "Smoke comes out of its ears even as it sleeps. It's hands and feet are colored not naturaly, but by the soot it creates."
    602 - Smoken: Fire type. "Smoken is said to have a raging fire inside them at all times. They themselves can control their body temperature and raise it high enough to burn enemies on contact."

    603 - Ghillie: Ground/Grass type. "Laying on its belly, this Pokemon stays hidden until its prey gets near. It then rises up and burries it prey aliver underneath itself."

    604 - Fruiton: Grass type. "This Pokemon does its best to avoid predators. Most can't avoid its sweet scent or juicy taste."

    605 - Cometa: Psychic/Rock. "When people see Cometa from afar, they think it's a shooting star and make a wish." This Pokemon is suppose to be just like Solrok and Lunatone)
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