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    Okay, I got behind over Thanksgiving, so I apologize for this again belated reply and in advance for the kind of copy-paste thing I do instead of regular quotes (I never figured out how to quote multiple responses in a single thread, either…).

    “As a matter of fact, Skunter is right. there are hardly any good fics out there anymore. T^T”~darkcowboy

    Yep, there sure aren’t. Though, most people really resent it when I bring that fact up, and that’s why I tried not mentioning it here…not up until now at least.

    “I'll have to agree with you about the fandom, though. It's really frustrating to see all of these fics that are essentially the same thing with different names. Of course, it means that somewhere along the line, there was something original that everyone keeps trying to emulate, but it takes a lot of effort to dig back that far to find it. And even then, sometimes, the cake is a lie (excuse the meme), and the original's not as great as you thought it'd be. (Pokemon MASTER, for example. You know, the one everyone says is the first epic Pokemon fic? Couldn't even get through the first couple of chapters. Oh, the character rape! The character rape! *curls up and cries*)”~Xanthine

    This actually sums up my feelings pretty well (though, I’ve never actually read Pokémon MASTER. Heard of it, yes, but that’s all). But…that’s cult mind; one person comes up with something good and everyone has to do it too. Reminds me a lot of an episode of the South Park Imaginationland Trilogy (which was just as funny as it was stupid), where they stated straight out in the beginning that Star Wars parodies are amongst the most “lame and unimaginative” things anyone could ever do. Not sure if that’s the best comparison, but it makes some sense with how Star Wars spoofs are bland and almost never good anymore (save perhaps Robot Chicken’s ones. Okay, I’m aware that I probably sound like a really big nerd with all these references to TV shows I keep making).

    However, I must say I’ve enjoyed a few fics on smaller forums recently whose authors were actually kind of genuine with the ideas that were theirs and honestly admitted to where they spoofed some when they did. So, I can’t say that every fanfic out there follows cult ideas.

    “Oddly enough, I haven't read too much of Dragonfree's epic. I've been meaning to because the first couple of chapters make it seem interesting, but I've also got a fairly short attention span when it comes to reading things online. (This is why I've also never finished Pokemon Rebirth: Ultimatum, which is supposedly the only other really good trainer fic out there, from what I've heard. People keep raving about it, but I get distracted by shiny objects.)”

    Eh… Dragonfree has some pretty nice writing skills, but the length of her fic was really what got to me. Now, I can’t say a whole lot about chapter size since I’m used to long ones, but the amount of chapters was a bit too much, I thought. Otherwise, I thought it was just a little bland for what people made it out to be.

    “Really? Hmm. I wonder if I can YouTube it, then.”

    As for YouTube-ing Stargate, yeah, you probably can. But, I’m not sure what you’d get… I never took well to the YouTube fad because a lot of the stuff on it is just crap.

    Also, thanks for wishing me luck on my revisions. I’m planning on having something back up after Christmas or sometime in January, depending on progress and how much work I get (but it’s been notoriously slow lately with the economic slump and all)…

    Mmm okay, enough of my ranty replies, onto my critique!

    This chapter, overall, I thought to be a lot more interesting than the last one and, of course, because of the plot progression. I especially liked how insightful this chapter was in terms of things like diversity of the aliens and why they were given their classification XP-494. But, there was something about this part that really got to me…

    “"But," the leader added, "it is primarily a parasite. For reasons unknown, when it comes in contact with pokémon, it merely lacerates them and lays eggs in the victim's body. You've also documented this well. However, when it comes in contact with a human being, it excretes a mutagen that triggers a complete biological transformation within the host."”

    I guess for a moment I was taken aback to the countless sci-fi things that involve alien insects. Not that this brought the quality of your fic down or anything, but I found laughing at this comment a little bit because the use of alien pheromones on humans always strikes me as kind of passé. DO NOT get me wrong, though; this still left a good dramatic impact! It just left me a little with the impression I got from Starship Troopers, which was kind of half-good and half-not because they were fighting against giant bugs (at least, I think that was Starship Troopers… It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, though).

    Otherwise, this is still going really strong, and I’m loving every minute of it, so to speak.