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Originally Posted by chrisdurer View Post
How do you delete a map that you may have accedently put into the rom? or is it really complicated?
December 6, 2008, added to tutorial. Notable Section

Deep breath

There are two sections with mulitiple steps

Easy Way
  1. Open the map you wish to deleate
  2. Go to header
  3. Set width =1 hieght =1
  4. Make the only color on the map
  5. Black
  6. Save
  7. Finnish or Continue...
To do the next part the map you wish to deleate has to be the last number in the header


In this one 4.3, 3 is the last number so this will work.
    1. Goto to insert map agian...
    2. Click map bank header
    3. Goto the same bank as the map is in
    4. In the textbox type "-1"
    5. Scroll dow click accept changes
    6. Replace the map with itself
    7. A bunch of errors will show up ignore them All
    8. Then it should say map replaced, followed by an error
    9. Go to the same bank
    10. The map should have been deleated

Notice: If this is one of the origonal maps when you try to open it for the first time just ignore the error.

Sorry if this part is super compilicated..,
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