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    omg that guy must be really mean!
    what did he Do to susanne befppre?!??!!
    whas It something Bad.
    omg i wasnted to see the beat thecrazyg ir l with a wigglytuff.
    rite mor opless plss
    whens the nest chapter cgone come out?

    "Why yes, we are," Sora answered. She was pleasantly suprised by the sudden appearance of the young man.

    "Who the heck are you?" asked Susanne. She was freaked out by the sudden appearance of the young man. She was pretty sure they were all going to die now.
    tand tha t part was the very funny part befcause U gekp saying the sudden apearsiaec was scarign one persin and not the uther.

    omg now all those men peosple like xantin and post ofic bdud and astnus are all gonna say it ws terboie. they all lmeanies especially astinus he lclsose my best fanfic. because zantin said it was bad.


    That was actually hard.
    Very well done, An-chan.
    Brony represent.
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