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    Originally Posted by ~Doc. View Post
    I really want to join a team and make a hack so I'll pm you a few things of my work, I don't want anyone to steal them...

    Position: Spriter, and mapper (still working on both)
    Skills: Well my skills are pretty limited but I will try to help any way I can
    Proof of work: Ill PM you
    Past experience: I have no past experience, except for databasing for my friend and his game
    Contact information: [email protected]
    Originally Posted by hazzamon View Post
    Position: Map Maker
    Skills: Map maker
    Proof of work:

    Past experience: None
    Contact information: just on here

    I got a hack with a similar name, please change it.
    Hazzamon you are now a member of team luna as a mapper . Im sory for the misunderstanding my hacks name is Pokemon Luna ~Doc.;4171114 you are a official spriter and dont get to comfertable im olmast done desining a new pokemon( I saw your proof in PM)

    Username: NachoVesper

    Add me!