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Pokémon: Radioactive Version

Kadar Region
After your 10th birthday, you go to get your first Pokémon.
You go to Professor Maples lab receive your first Pokémon

After choosing you go to your house to show your parents before going back to the lab to get the rest of the supplies.
When you go back to the lab a gang of trainers kidnap Maple. You try to help, but they are too strong.
You wake the next morning at home because you passed out. You get an email from the ETU (Elite Trainers Unit) to help find professor Maple. Excited you travel to Solon City to join. After join you embark on a long journey where you find Maple, but you have to fight the Gang sub leader. They release her, but you learn of their plan to use Mewtwo and Mew to form the Physic Square a force of Pokémon capable to destroy the ones in existence.
You tell the ETU about this, and you get to join a search party for the gang.
You track them to the Silus region where you find the gang. But it’s too late! The gang use the physic square to combine the Pokémon to make cross breeds!
You now lead a harder mission, to find something able to stop these cross breeds and save the people from the gang it’s up to you and the ETU!

How'd I do? Please answer!


This isn't the full story!
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