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    Originally Posted by Skunter View Post
    Okay, I got behind over Thanksgiving, so I apologize for this again belated reply
    Totally cool. I give belated responses all the time, so it's understandable. *thumbs up*

    (I never figured out how to quote multiple responses in a single thread, either…).
    There should be a button right next to the quote post button. It's unlabeled, but if you hover over it, it should say, "Multi-Quote This Message." Click it and the buttons on all of the posts you want to quote, then hit the quote button on the last post in line. When you get to the reply page, it should all be there.

    Though, most people really resent it when I bring that fact up,
    In that they agree with you or that they think you're absolutely wrong and then list off a crapload of stories they think deserve the goodfic title? XD

    (though, I’ve never actually read Pokémon MASTER. Heard of it, yes, but that’s all).
    *shrug* It's got fantastic descriptions, but the characters have always rubbed me the wrong way. (Anime-verse Brock as an evil overlord? What?)

    Not sure if that’s the best comparison, but it makes some sense with how Star Wars spoofs are bland and almost never good anymore (save perhaps Robot Chicken’s ones. Okay, I’m aware that I probably sound like a really big nerd with all these references to TV shows I keep making).
    Totally agreed. Robot Chicken's is probably the only good Star Wars spoof I've ever seen.

    I mean, yeah. Sheep mentality in Pokémon fanfiction. It's bad. *thumbs up* >_> <_<

    Seriously, yes, pretty much. But on the other hand, I can understand it, too. I mean, they're thinking that whatever made X fic popular should make their fic popular too. Which is incredibly faulty logic because the vague concept's only the most basic part of writing a fic, but.

    However, I must say I’ve enjoyed a few fics on smaller forums recently whose authors were actually kind of genuine with the ideas that were theirs and honestly admitted to where they spoofed some when they did.
    Ooh. Links?

    Eh… Dragonfree has some pretty nice writing skills, but the length of her fic was really what got to me.
    Agreed. Sorry, Dragonfree, but I have the attention span of a goldfish. It would seriously take me a couple months to get through that big of a fic because I'd keep wandering off.

    As for YouTube-ing Stargate, yeah, you probably can. But, I’m not sure what you’d get…
    Stargate Caramelldansen.

    (Unfortunately, I tried YouTubing Stargate Caramelldansen, and there are, surprisingly, none out there. On the other hand, there's plenty o' fan music videos for it, but is anyone really surprised by that? No? Okay then.)

    I never took well to the YouTube fad because a lot of the stuff on it is just crap.
    It is, but I have a slight masochistic streak and happen to love internet crap.

    Also, thanks for wishing me luck on my revisions.
    No problem. Looking forward to seeing it in January, then. =D

    On to the response to the analysis!

    I'm glad you liked the chapter, and frankly, I'm surprised you thought it was more interesting. I thought it was addled with exposition, but then again, I'm also the author and therefore biased by obligation. XD


    Not that this brought the quality of your fic down or anything, but I found laughing at this comment a little bit because the use of alien pheromones on humans always strikes me as kind of passé.
    Actually, I don't find this to be at all an insult. In fact, if it's all right with you, I'm taking it as encouragement to keep it in because this fic is actually meant to be peppered with so many sci-fi clichés and nods to old sci-fi flicks it's read like a bad B-movie in written form. XD (You could think of this as a sci-fi parody that takes itself seriously in some points and not so much at others.) This may not actually be a good idea because I'm not sure if people would be turned off by the clichés once they catch on that a number of ideas in this fic are not actually original, but if you laugh because you recognize it, that's a good thing. (I should eventually list the media that's referenced in one way or another in each chapter. It's unfortunately shorter than it really should be at the moment.)

    Now, I can't honestly say that laughing at it because you know for a fact that this is biologically impossible and the equivalent of sticking a character near an open jar of plutonium and expecting them to get super strength is a good thing, of course. I almost want to rewrite the beginning chapters and try to work out a possible way where it doesn't quite rape the laws of science because of it. I'll have to think about it. All I know is that, yeah, it's a bit of a plot point (one that's gradually coming to light if you caught some of the conversations going on in Bill's head) that the transformation comes as a result of the fusion of a human and one of the parasites. How, though, is something I've yet to really get down on paper. (Oh, my somewhat basic-to-intermediate knowledge of biology.)

    Anyway, thanks for the review and compliments. ^_^
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