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    Originally Posted by Blazeavile View Post
    Why the hell am I on this team??? I never applied for this....

    Originally Posted by Blazeavile
    Sorry, My scanner is destroyed.

    But could I like come up with ideas and draw the rough idea on paint?

    I would really like to help...

    Originally Posted by PokemonOI

    Originally Posted by Blazeavile
    Cool so I am on the team? sweet.

    Originally Posted by PokemonOI
    You would like to be on the team as a designer? also you should maybe check out the game thread to see what your apart of.

    Originally Posted by Blazeavile
    Cool...I hope you like this, It's a Basic design of an evolved form of Shuckle, you can change the name xD
    I will make a larger version, this is just an idea.
    Originally Posted by PokemonOI
    dont wanna sound mean but thats bad.

    lol If you didn't what is this? dont give me these posts and act like you didn't wanna be on the team because that fakemon sucked. Lets be real here.