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Once again, great chapter here. Heh, interesting apperances on the characters (which reminds me, I should read Post Office Buddy's parody fic one day XD). Also, really Usa-chan and Sora are that forgiving? O.o Geez...XD;

Sora, Moonlight, Usa-chan and Susanne walked on a road that passed trough a rather dark forest. The forest was getting darker and thicker by the minute. There seemed to be mysterious ruins on both sides of the road in the shadows of the forest, but no-one saw then clearly enough to be sure they were there. This was indeed a magical and intimidating forest. Sora and Usa-chan weren't very afraid, because they knew they just had to get trough the forest to reach Vanilla Town. There just wasn't another road that lead to that town. Susanne, however, was starting to get slightly uncomfortable in the dim light and mouldy air of the forest.
Why all forests have to be like that? XD;

A third girl had appeared, this one with two bodyguards. She was wearing a light blue, pleaded miniskirt; almost knee-long, light brown boots; light brown, skin-tight, long-sleeved t-shirt with a huge neckline and the word "Power" written over her large breasts; three blue bracelets in her right hand; a ring in the middle finger her left hand; golden earrings; and three light blue hairpins. She had dark brown hair and her eyes were like bottomless emerald orbs. Her skin was also very tanned, suggesting she was from further south. The bodyguards standing behind her both had a dark blue uniform with a tiny picture of a black helicopter embroidered in the arm of the jacket. The one on the left was a man with short, green hair and the one on the right was a woman with curly, blue hair tied to a ponytail. The girl frowned at Sora and Usa-chan, but the most suprising thing was that they frowned back.
That's a lot of uncessary decription. XD;

Once again, love how not only you're dealing with concepts like evil teams but also writing style (hence why I pinpoint a couple quotes there). Well, nothing else to say but keep up the good work!
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