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    Chapter 5-Alliance


    I saw Heart declining into the dark blur of shaded cobalt.

    She was calling out with a passionate plea & reaching her hand out to me.

    “Brunette, help me! Please!”

    I struggled to get closer to her but she seemed miles away from where I was standing.

    She was gradually fading…

    I cried out to her.

    Then I heard her voice speak out.

    “No matter what Brunette, don’t give up on me. Don’t lose hope. No matter what, I will always be your trainer, deep inside, you know that right?”

    After that, her body vanished into the blue abyss and beyond.


    I cried out.

    She was no longer there…

    I was pulled apart from the loving bonds of my trainer…


    “Come on, wake up!” Brunette heard a tone crying out to him, awakening him into the secure reality. Powerless to return and strained by outer forces-particularly the individuals doing so.

    He gradually opened his eyes and looked up to who it was, still half-dreary. Eyes of which was still weighty.

    He saw Dusk and a Blissey looking down at him, fret and worry broadened on their faces.

    “Wha... What’s wrong?” Brunette asked, bemused and weary.

    “You were shouting and thrashing about,” replied Dusk.

    “Are you alright dear?” asked the Blissey.

    “Yes. Yes I am; it was just a bad dream, that’s all.”

    “Thank goodness,” sighed Dusk with a bit of amnesty and relief.

    Brunette chafed his eyes gently and licked his brown fur as he woke up. Disregarding the eerie haunting between reality and the periphery.

    Still, he couldn’t tell if it was morning or night.

    “Come on, lets go,” Dusk endeavored with a bob of his bony eyebrows.

    “Where?” Brunette asked.

    “To get some fresh air of course! Since you had a bad dream, you need to breathe air for once. The atmosphere here is so stuffy,” Dusk believed, smiling with concern.

    Dusk scampered out the cavern room and into the other quarters.

    “Hmm... Maybe he’s right,”

    Brunette lifted his body, stretched his limbs then pursued Dusk.

    Even though there wasn’t much daylight bathing the isle, Brunette could see infinitesimal traces of luminosity beyond the cave’s entrance. Afar from the cavern and the thick woods, light was there. Waiting for him…

    Brunette sauntered toward the light source, chary not to fumble upon the wide roots of the large trees obscured into the soft soil. Finally, he got out of the perpetual darkness. Brunette’s eyes tingled and stung because of the slightly clear light. A few hours in the gloom was sufficient time for his eyes to become accustomed to.

    Brunette could feel the sand was sultry underneath his feet-an indication of precipitation.

    “So that’s why Dragun led us to that cave, he knew it would rain.”

    He searches for the elusive Dusk, as surprise to his sudden absence.

    Brunette dashed toward the rock-strewn region of the shoreline. Still, he couldn’t perceive a thing outside the islet because of the thick vapor. It was a sightless curvature; he heard soft murmuring by the rocks. Brunette peered into the jagged rock formations. He spotted an orange, dragon-like Pokémon discussing to a large, cunning-looking bird with two prominent tail feathers. It also has a largely white underbelly with a red top section and a geometric pattern on it. It was almost totally dark blue.

    “It’s Dragun! But who is that?” Brunette questioned softly to himself.

    “Tell squadron five to wait for back-up. If they already found the refugees, ensure that they meet Latios; Alto Mare is their best refuge at the moment; and be careful on your way to Hoenn, got it?” Dragun ordered, infinitesimal fret flashed briefly.

    “Yes!” the Pokémon answered firmly, then, it unfastens its lengthy wings and soared beyond the thick smudged yonder. A thick cloud of sand muddled the area briefly as it left.

    “I don’t know how we’ll get through these…” Dragun said then bowed his head in complete uncertainty. Afraid of every upcoming and dictating events as they pass.

    “We can,” responded Brunette confidently, out of the serrated rocks.

    Dragun turned to who had reacted, astonished and gave stifled.

    “I believe we still have hope of reclaiming our trainers; I believe there is still hope; I believe we will get through these,” Brunette retorted with eyes of fiery assurance, “And… Th… Thank you for rescuing me…”

    “Ah, it’s you. I saw you lying on the ground beside the Tediursa,” Dragun noticed and tone interest, “Tell me what or who made you unconscious?”

    “I was trying to rescue the Tediursa that was struggling to free itself from its trainer. As I was struggling to do so with mine; she was so… I don’t know why she… She was my….” Brunette stammered while melancholy besieged him.

    Dragun gawped at Brunette with thoughts of high expectations and concern. He smiled. “Tell me, do you really want to do everything to save your trainer, no matter what?” he asked.

    Brunette chafed his tears off his russet-colored fur. The delusion suddenly lingered through his mind. “No matter what Brunette, don’t give up on me. Don’t lose hope. No matter what, I will always be your trainer, deep inside, you know that right?” The words of Heart flickered and grasped his thinking. Every trace of seclusion, sadness and sense of despondency vanished immediately in him. He was indomitable to get her back. No matter what.

    “Yes; I will do everything to save my trainer. No matter what!” Brunette exclaimed, the teary-eyes that were once there faded.

    “Then it’s settled then. You are now an honorary scout,” Dragun assured him with a smile and gentle bob. Potential depicted throughout.

    A resilient conformity was formed that day; with pure intentions of fortitude and determination. With the bonds that ties trainer to Pokémon, trust must be instilled among them.

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