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    Chapter 6-Reunion

    Cities, towns, forests and urban settlements were set ablaze and brought down violently in every region due to the anomalous struggle between Pokémon and the humans. Both sides suffered momentous loss. All suspected refuges were burned and destroyed. A vast area of ashes, reborn-upon the smoldered ruins raised four colossal towers which reached the heavens and tinted the sky a dark blue hue. All these within the rise and fall of the five ashen full moons.

    Sieges and rebellions were brought about to end the struggle. The target-the four towers. Pokémon would charge head on, naïve, credulous and unwary of the menacing ambushes that lie in wait for them. They would fall right into the trap, surprised, vulnerable and susceptible. Caged, sacked or whatever variety of vindictive incarceration the humans would use. After the capture, they would haul them brutally to the tower, never exiting the structure ever again…

    By the third rise of the moon, daily life was made even more difficult for the Pokémon. Indispensable resources such as food, water and that entire sort slowly diminished and were mostly abundant in “human territory.” The worse part was, the humans had gained knowledge of generating a new type of bludgeon. An intimidating firearm that shot a dark-blue beam. Anything that would somehow get stricken by this would be absolutely paralyzed; numbing its victim-retaining its pain. The fabled Legendaries were taken down by this mere beam, only it was more concentrated and more superior; accumulating to there growing flaws. Making their work easier as the numbers slowly dwindled to nil…

    After the ideas of rebellions faded, they sent spies to retrieve significant information-assisting them in the elucidation of the inexplicable dilemma. Ghost types such as Gengar, Misdreavus and Banette were pertinent. Stealthier than the rest, they were ideal for such assignments. But, espionage tactics wasn’t a predicament for the humans. They had the one thing that started the whole chaotic quandary-the meteor, truly an advantage. Gengar, with its usually sinister grin was one of the emissaries who would be an “exemplar” for those who would attempt to do so again. Its ghost-like characteristics managed to convey it to the peak of the soaring tower. Avoiding the detection of the humans, it arrived at what seemed like a chamber with a moon roof that opened up to the skies, structure designed not to let anything out. Concealing itself in the shadows, it watched and waited. Two humans entered while holding a sturdy steel confinement. The first one unfastened the locks and a paralyzed body of a Persian rolled out. It was still alive, signs of brief inhaling and exhaling. The other pressed a button on the control panel arched in close proximity to a large metal sphere that was hovering above the large room. The sphere was conveyed downward to the iron floor, the obverse opened and a blinding cerulean brilliance shone. The two humans exited swiftly and left the Persian lying. Gengar stood still and witnessed. The unsighted glow bathed the Persian. Abruptly a horrendous, ghastly, strident howl was heard. It was of the Persian’s. Pain filled and vociferous, the sound rang throughout the chamber, frightening and disgusting even the darkest of hearts; the sight was so horrifying and abhorrent that it blended faultlessly with the tortured cry. The Persian’s unmoving body slowly faded and vanished into the deepest, darkest oblivion-like smoke a blew by the wind. By the time the Gengar arrived, its grin disappeared. Replaced with a sulk of despondence and repugnance. Its eyes had widened and pupil shrunk. Unable to explain to its fellow Pokemon what it witnessed that night. At the crack of dawn, madness and insanity skewered its state of mind and would drive the Gengar to the tower once more, never returning. Nobody could impede it from acting at an erotic behavior. Devoured completely, an indirect slaughter so gruesome…

    The fourth rise of the moon was the most hideous among the rest. Enduring survivors had to deal what their fellow Gengar faced-horrific nightmares. Even sleeping was life-threatening. As soon as they had drifted into deep slumber, the probabilities are of them returning unharmed are dreadfully minute. At any instant, it would seize them, ruthlessly controlled and manipulated. Driving them for an absolute surrender. As it gained strength, the nightmares intensified. Weakening the resistance, the humans effortlessly captured the feeble, frail and ponderous Pokemon. It was only a matter of time before nature itself would subside.


    “Where in the world are they?” a familiar voice crackled the quiet woods, “Can’t they knock out two humans without paralyzing themselves?”

    The pallid moon shone through the half-cleared woods, blanketing the wooded area, west of the ruined, uninhabited Azalea Town.

    The deafening silence engulfed the whole forest. No resonance, whatsoever. No infringement of twigs and the sound of falling leaves left no clamor, nothing. Not even the timbre of the sharp-eyed Swellow sentinels high above the canopy whose eyes let none escape.

    A tan-colored Pokémon dashed through the vegetative area, beleaguered to locate his scout party. Too much time has been wasted; it had to be completed before dawn. They had to give all their scouting information regarding the vicinity to their crew leader, Dragun. A vital, human tower was said to be nestled in close proximity. Therefore, a lot of humans along together with the precious resources had to be swarming around there, waiting in ambush. But eccentrically, none were spotted.
    The great trees rose above the earth; their huge branches reached toward the dark, starless sky. The clear pale moon was the only source of reliable light.

    Brunette stealthily loomed the further areas nearby; vigilant not to fall into the ambush of the unseen humans.

    So much has changed since the navy-colored meteors fell. His position as a scout facilitated him to become hardier. His feelings weren’t clouding his judgment anymore. He could think clearer this time; work more efficiently. The gloom once there disappeared.

    But, the imaginings persisted. Every night, horrifying nightmares haunted him, fatigued by the sporadic scenes-a bit weedy from last night’s tribulation.
    It softened him, frightened him…


    A figure appeared.

    I couldn’t see it. It was shadowy. The dark-blue oblivion background added to the blurriness and fluffiness.

    It wasn’t clear.

    I felt fear clutching me tightly, my chest collapsing.

    The figure came closer as it did.

    Heart suddenly appeared in front of the figure.

    Shadowy, slender appendages wrapped Heart around her body.

    “Brunette, help!” Heart shouted.

    It was like the others, only worse, much, much worse.

    The figure griped her then pulled her toward its body.

    She was progressively vanishing into the figure’s body.

    I couldn’t do anything; I couldn’t move, my body was numb; I couldn’t shout; my voice abandoned me. I couldn’t do anything.

    After that, the figure gave me an evil, vague grin, “Give up, resistance is futile, there is no more hope. Your trainer is now mine! Hahahah!”


    “Ah!” Brunette shook his head as the thoughts reverberated again; continuously feeding on his mentality-parasitism at its finest, “I need to concentrate!”

    He sensed a pale presence beyond the further trees and deep and thick undergrowth that encompassed a clearing, lingering in persistence due to its insipid and weak flare.

    One way or another, it felt very familiar. Brunette believed as if he met it before.

    His senses honed, Brunette hurried toward the clearing. Quietly, he hid himself behind large fern plants that were vaulted across the radius.

    Doubt or optimism-he felt either way. Brunette circumspectly peeked among the safety of the lime foliage, chary not to stir attention to himself.

    It was human.

    Although, something didn’t feel right about this particular one. Out of all the humans Brunette encountered during the regime of the resistance, this one felt extremely dissimilar.

    Sure, it possessed the dreaded firearm and defensive chain mail but Brunette sensed as though it was soft somehow.

    Perambulating the clearing, the human paced back and forth briefly glancing side to side, waiting for the chance to present itself-particularly Brunette’s attack.

    Digging his foot deep into the soft earth, Brunette was ready to attack. Paying no regard to the inconsequential reaction, he pounced.

    Vee!” Brunette roared as he leaped toward the human-a frantic battle cry.
    It turned around as the shrill and unanticipated yelp of intended intimidation wedged its attention.

    Darting left the attempted assault of the slightly drowsy Pokemon, the human charged the firearm, ready to inflict as soon as primed. Blue particles gathered around the air forming a white nimbus in close proximity to the shell. It was a lethargic procedure but still insanely effective-taking down anything that touched it.


    Brunette’s body felt utterly numbed as he turned to face the human. His body, powerless to execute the actions his brain would array. Sweat continuously pouring down. Every vital heartbeat-he heard, every significant breath he was taking-loudly perceived. He could distinguish the human still charging the beam-but everything appeared so dawdling, as if time allowed his final minutes…

    It was fear.

    Unmistakable fear, more prevailing than the beam itself. Paralyzing the incapacitated Pokemon unreservedly, too frail even to flitch his ear. Although Brunette couldn’t comprehend why. His body controlled itself-a mind of its own, but not why for the better? Why did it abruptly freeze? Why couldn’t it move, nudge, budge? Why!?!
    The finger slipping leisurely towards the nerve-racking trigger; aiming charily at its target to ensure its successful hit-Brunette. With eyes of a sadist, the human aimed-picturing the target to be pursued by pain and torture. The pale, pasty moon shone at the inactive and frozen Pokemon intensely.

    Click! The sound of the trigger echoes.

    Brunette swiftly shuts his eyes, bracing himself from the throbbing and paralyzing pain the ray would soon inflict-thoughts not of his own welfare, but of Heart’s, the pledge once oathed-breaking.

    A glistening and blinding ashen radiance shone all throughout, but neither from the insipid heavenly body watching over the doomed globe nor from the threatening beam. The illumination was pure, escorted by blissful memories flashing rapidly in the sources’ eyes…


    Seeing and hearing her for the first time made me pleased, contented. Even inside my protective shell, I could sense her loving warmth. When I saw light permeate my temporary home, I knew I would see her face.


    She looked extremely cheerful once the lady with a mike handed her a cute ribbon. Looking down at me with the same portrayed impressions, she hugged me tightly. The crowed that overlooked us, cheered loudly as we exited the Contest Hall. Whispering, “You’re the best.”


    When I felt my body burning, Heart looked down at me, heartrending and fretful. She lifted me from the Pokemon Center’s stretcher and lulled me to sleep. Pulling up the sheets, she stayed besides me for the rest of the night, checking my temperature, changing the damp handkerchief on my forehead--never letting anything harm me…


    We pressed our backs against the supple grass under the beautiful starlit sky. It was a weary day of training and she decided we should camp for the night. The stars glistened as I gazed above. “I don’t care to what Pokemon you evolve into, you’re just the way I like you to be!” She abruptly said while I turned to her, smiling.

    The blissful memories…


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