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    You replied to mine, so I figured I'd return the favour...bolds -should be- below. I see them on the Edit Post screen but not on the topic screen...the comments are still in there.

    Originally Posted by Nytkoi View Post
    Game Name: Pokemon Moonlight Does the name have any plot significance? If it does, then it's a keeper...


    Hello, and welcome to the world of Pokemon Moonlight, where new pokemon await on the new places in the Jinju region name.. Hi there, Im Nytkoi, a beginning game designer for all types (hacks, xp, im pretty good with 2003) and so yea.. here is my new production.


    PART 1


    In the year 20x1 Like the year format...reminds me of MMBN., you are a seven Seven?! year old pokemon fanatic. You have
    dreams of becoming a pokemon master of the Jinju Region once you turn 10 Oh, alrighty then....
    You live on the peacful and small town of Elderford. Your father works
    at the lighthouse Now that's something different!. Your best friend, April/Colin's father works there
    too. But, on November 3rd, 20x1, something tragic happened to your
    family, making your father enraged.
    PART 2
    Your father is working at the Lighthouse with April/Colin's father,
    working to fix a small problem. At your house, your mother is treating
    your little sister, who has been ill for weeks. This makes it hard for
    your father to go to work. He does not want to leave his sick child.
    Your mother makes sure everyone is calm and it's just like any other
    sickness, but Inside, she is worried as well.
    PART 3
    A week after that day, your mother calls the Doctor from Neicawave NY-CUH-WAVE?
    City to check on her daughter, a.k.a your little sister.
    After a few hours of testing and catscans, your little sister, Daisy,
    is diagnosed with... PokeRus. Is the pokerus a virus? If it is, that means it isn't curable...and terminal.
    Your mother is in complete shock. She stammers, saying that is a pokemon
    disease. YES! Looking promising... The doctor agrees, but explains something tragic happening in the
    human world Ooooookaaaaaay.... The only reason your mother is shocked it becuase Elderford
    is far away from big Citys in the Jinju Region, and they do not hear much.
    PART 4
    The Doctor that came to Elderford Island on a special ship to get
    there as quickly as possible explained to your family about PokeRus For pkmn, it is a benevolent disease as all EV trainers know, so it is, then, dangerous when somehow picked up by a human?,
    except your father is not home. He is working at the LightHouse, not knowing
    that his little daughter has just been diagnosed with the most newly discovered
    cancer. Sweet, this seems to have no connection to any trash legends thus far...
    PART 5
    PokeRus mysteriously became a disease for humans as well as Pokemon on
    September 12, 20x0. An old women named Agatha ...I never liked her, anyways. was diagnosed and died
    that very same month. As the year of 20x0 went by, houndreds of people
    in the Jinju region were diagnosed of PokeRus, which stunned scientists.
    They had no idea what this disease was and how it became a human disease,
    and why it affects humans worse then pokemon. They called the year 20x0 the
    Tragic Mystery.
    PART 6
    Now, your mother is even more shocked. By the end of the day, when
    your father comes back from the LightHouse, it was time for the Doctor
    to leave. Your mother quickly explains everything to your father. Before
    he can even pull himself together with shock, the Doctor tells them that
    he needs to take their daughter away from them to the Hospital in the bigger
    parts of the Jinju region. The Doctor then takes the seriously ill child to the special
    ship. Your father runs after the Doctor yelling that it wasn't right to take their
    daughter, but it was too late Do I sense foul play?. Your mother and father's daughter had been taken
    away from them.
    PART 7
    As a result, when your father came back, he took the old boat from the garage
    of the house and rowed after the ship that carried his daughter. Now, your
    family has lost two members, not knowing where they were or if they were alright.
    Now, in 20x4, you are 10, and going to getting your first pokemon at the
    Sunshine City pokemon center. Your mother only lets you leave the island becuase
    she wants you to find that hospital, and find out if your father is there and
    if your little sister is alright. At the Sunshine City Center, there is a small
    lab where you get your first pokemon. Then, you set out on a journey, not to become
    a pokemon master like you had dreamed of on the year after the tragic year, but
    to find out the mystery of what became of your father and your little sister. *applause*

    I really hope that you have enough of this developed for the actual game...the above all appears to be prologue material/backstory...
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