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All I remember is:

Blaziken, level 72, named TASHIRO
Blaze kick
Sky uppercut

I will argue to this day that those four move types are preferable on blaziken, unless he has hidden power grass, which can replace either slash or peck. In generation 4, brave bird can replace peck quite well.

Rayquaza, level 71, named BEAM 13
secret power

My n00bish moveset, but it worked all the same. I loved using extremespeed and wiping out those news crews with him and Tashiro.

Absol, level ??, named Senryaku (strategy)
I don't even remember his moveset, but it included ice beam. He has perfect special attack, so I suppose that might be suitable. XD

Tashiro and Beam 13 were my main men, clearing most of the game before my opponent could even speak.
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