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Originally Posted by link12552 View Post
Tell me about the maps your making for your hack.

I'd love to hear about them; Maybe I can help you out!....

Well i havent been able to do to muh cuz i lost everything all the file got messed up. but so far all the poke centers and poke marts are changed. some of the routes are changed. some citys/towns changed. some new scripts for people like PROF. Oak and mom.

I've still got alot to do but the maps are starting to come along. I still cant figure out why my tiles change colour wen i try and make new ones. but im able to work with wat i have.

Just finnished learning map scripts, going to put in Tutorial soon!

Such as...

  • Set map tile
  • Deleate person events
  • Advanced movements
I hope you do make these new tuturials. It'll be nice to learn more about this stuff.
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