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    "The flow of this very region is controlled by three. We call it the cycle of beginnings, but what happens if the cycle is interrupted? Does the land cease to exist? Does everything that was born, and created in the new land also cease to exist? It's dangerous to think we can create everything. Even the best inventions, come with great consequences."
    It's vague...but, if its intent is a just to be an attention-getter, then it does its job. And it's promising to see some language just a bit more sophisticated than all of the typos and 'lol's and 'alot's around here...

    The Grotto Region Name Check-->Superb. A man made region Yes! inhabited by man and pokemon for only 23 years So what's it made of? For all I know of right now, it's a lunar outpost.... This is one of two of the newest regions ...oh, please not two legendaries, one per region... in the vast and steadily growing pokemon world, but lately the region has seemed unstable .... There have been tremors and earthquakes occurring everywhere Yeah? So? Send them to western America; that place is decimated with earthquakes (remember, Surge went to America)...! New land is magically Oh really? popping up and natural disaters are slowly breaking the region apart! [/unoriginality] You are a young boy/girl in this region, starting fresh from Terilvine City Your names are top-notch! three days before your birthday least not -on- your birthday., along side you is the cause of your sudden move So THAT'S what you meant by fresh? Yuck, cliche alert... (your mom)who also happens to be one of the top professors Juuuust happens to be..., and helping hand in the creation of the two regions. After experiencing an earthquake in Giltine Town Again, again, the names are enticing..., your sent out on an epic adventure, you set off on your journey uncovering weird truths and the origins of this mysterious and slowly decaying region So the only problem you've really established is the natural disasters...but, if the region is synthetic, how would it have normal geologic features? Was it carved outta another region (Ratchet and Clank, people)?. along the way meeting new friends, pokemon, cities and Islands. All the while fighting unexpected enemies, collecting badges + much more!

    There's more? Sweet!
    You start the game off asleep in your room, You then wake up and go downstairs. No ones home but you. So You decide to go outside, and look around, you stop to find there"s a note on the table beside the door for you though. So you read it and find that your mom wants you to come on down to the Pokemon lab C'mon...come up with something ebtter than this, seriously. to pick up something for your birthday. So as you leave the house and proceed to the pokemon lab. Something strange occurs...A purple Flash of light? Ghost-type attacks are purple... Then almost just as the light appears an earthquake starts rumbling the town So does whoever crafted the region have the power to alter it? If that be the case, this is went another tier up......Your then sent running into the pokemon Lab for shelter, And thats where I'll leave off for you all ...pff.. Also, after you receive your starter pokemon. Make sure to get the Running shoes and the Pokegear(soon to be changed) from the assistant to make your traveling easier Why the assistant? Does he have a reason to give you this junk? Was he instructed to do so by mommy?.

    Idealists - 2 positions open I've gotta ask...what exactly does the 'Idealist' do? xD Shouldn't you all be idealists?
    Half of it I love, and half of it I do not agree with...I'll be watchin' for more info.
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    It's a shame that what once was a friendly community has turned into a place where the news people want to read about, is bad news.
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