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Sorry for the quad post, but I mean no one comments and I drop a few pages, so yeah....

Well here we go, the 40th sheet. Loads of requests and contest entries on here and the what not. I am missing two splices though.

It was suggested to me to do a splice of the 3 Regis, and a splice the psychic trio. Well with the many requests I've done, and the fact that splices like those I don't fancy, I've decided to deny that suggestion. I could probably make them, but I don't feel like it is the bottom line. I am not usually a fan of cliche, and those two ideas I found to be cliched. This isn't the first time I felt like doing this, there have been splices in the past I've done I just didn't like because of the idea. So a new rule is that I may just deny any suggestion that I dub cliche. Other things I could finch cliche are things like Pikachu+Lucario, Mewtwo+Deoxys, Charizard+Blastoise+Venusaur, just to name a few. Now if you do request something like these, I may do it still, depending on my load and how cliche I find it. Just don't get your hopes up. Now this doesn't mean go and try and pick the most obscure Pokemon to put together, just watch out for the really common type combinations.

Now that is out of the way time to explain a few things on this sheet.

The Bulbasaur disguise/repose if you can't tell is actually an Ivysaur. I took away Ivysaur's plant, and drew in a bulb. The two Pokemon look almost identical.

Venonat+Shuppet+Chimecho won me first place in a one on one match.

Luxray+Magnezone looked so much like a space ship, I decided to give it a background using the star from Luxray.

Breloom Fossil I did in my usual fossil style. My friend finds it hilarious that when I made my first fossil I went way farther than what a fossil is suppose to be (apparently they are suppose to be just some recoloring and editing to make it look like a fossil type Pokemon, instead of making the literal fossil/bone structure. I know Breloom may or may not have a bone structure since it is a mushroom plant thing, but I decided to ignore the logic =P

Ghastlax is way better than Licklax! Licklax was never that great to begin with! *Still is pouting at the fame and attention Licklax once got*

Xatu+Dialga has to be one of my personal favorites and best in my opinion. It was also one of the harder ones I've had to make.

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