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    Originally created in April 2008, but now returning once again! This originally was called TheX's World, until I renamed it on the 11th of April before losing all data.

    Name: Rukario's World
    Made by: 001

    You have a good life until the world turns dark. Some unknown being says that you are damaging the universe by existing and has transported you 30 years into the future, where you find out that the world is damaged severely by an unknown army. Now, you go off to find out how you came into this world and how to return back. But on the way, there is somebody who will try and stop you from reaching your goal. So, what can you do in this weird world but fail?

    This is my first PC game (I Started using this program on April 1st, 2008 and restarted on the 3rd of December, 2008) and so on.
    My status:
    April 1st- Started project
    April 2nd- Finished 2 quests
    April 2nd- Finished several maps, started doing second city
    April 3rd- Fixed glitches
    April 3rd- Started doing boss level
    April 4th- Finished second city.
    April 4th- Finished part of 2nd Route
    April 5th- Finished Forest
    April 5th- Started 3rd town
    April 6th- Finished first Inn
    April 6th- Release date given.
    April 7th- Partially done 3rd City
    April 9th- Secret event (a rare Inn hidden in this town)
    April 10th- Finished 3rd City
    April 11th- Checking for glitches...
    April 12th- Cancelled due to inactivity
    December 3rd- Deleted all old data
    December 4th- Restarted project
    December 6th- Finished part of first town
    December 7th- Finished quarter of first city
    December 8th- Finished entire training palace
    December 10th- Found Numerous Bugs in first half of city
    December 11th- Listing Bugs
    December 12th- Started working on graphics

    No pokemon
    Area of Holonne
    Returned maps from TheX's World
    Songs from SSBB
    Unknown characters

    Originally on April 12th, but I cancelled it.

    Old Bugs:
    You disappear on route script
    ~ Fixed by changing script (Well, that was easy)
    Stupid Door always opens
    ~ Changed code of door

    New Bugs:
    Always teleport back when variable is 0
    Free lottery ticket when you normally lose $1.50

    Demo releases:
    As those bugs can be fixed with a bit of scripting, it should be by November 19th, 2008.

    Also, if you downloaded one copy, read this-
    By owning this game, you take the responsibility of owning this game. This game can not be sold, rented, or reproduced in any way, as this will break copyright laws and I will not take responsibility in any way for the pirated crime that you have done. You may be facing lawsuits if you do so. The game can only be found on the internet as a PC game download and I have made sure that only I can publish this.
    Easier said, you sell this, you're busted and bankrupt.

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