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    Well, I've reached the Elite Four, but I never found HM02 - Fly. Does anyone know where it is or if it's in the game?

    This was one of the best hacks I've ever played, if not the best in terms of map redesign, and I'd really love to be able to fly around and admire the scenery of the various cities and routes without having to walk halfway around the world.

    I thought it was possible that the Fly HM was removed from the game, since the Flash HM was missing and that seemed intentional since there was no need for it, but earlier in this thread I think Pokeglitch said that one of the glitches he fixed was that you now appeared in front of a Pokemon Center when using fly or respawning after a defeat. So I assume Fly is in the game.

    If anyone knows where you can find HM02, I'd greatly appreciate it, please Private Message it to me if you want to avoid spoilers. Also, if anyone here is stuck in the game, I can probably help via PM, since like I said, I reached the Elite Four.
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