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    Originally Posted by 44tim44 View Post
    The update is completley Amazing, OI!!
    I just LOVE the final evo of penguip.
    Who designed it anyway?
    And also the flashlight thingy is really cool.

    And about the profile message, I am workin a new one right

    Thanx! I love the final evo of the Penguip too its my favorite. I have complete evos of all the starters except the fire type. Oh and OG designed it. he did a real good job on it too.
    Originally Posted by ~Night View Post
    Great update!
    But why do the comrads look like Drew and a D/P sprite with blue hair???

    lol I never thought of him that way. Oh well he's fine to me.
    Originally Posted by Saurav View Post
    This game looking so great love the updates too ..... and the flashlight event part is awesome ...... :D
    Thanx man!

    Also I advise everyonw to read the text in the update! It leaves you with some cliffhangers but fills some holes aswel about the characters and story.

    Oh yea and I had these ready last night but I cant believe I forgot them. They were part of the update but here:

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