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    This game shows quite a bit of promise. The idea of a man-made region is definitely something we don't see very often around here. Most of the fakemon sprites are alright (Pyaroo is my personal favorite). The main thing is they could use some work:

    Velgrus: This has the very distinctive "flat" look found in a lot of the sprites from first and second gen. Try to add some change in color around the face area/extra shadowing to brighten up the look.

    Pyaroo: This sprite looks wonderful. It is tastefully shaded with well-matched colors. Hopefully future fakemon will look like this.

    Burlasie: The eyes are well-done, but the head could use some work. The bright red hue of the ear is a bit too vibrant IMO, and the head is a little disporportionate.

    Cripet: This is mainly a good sprite, except the eyes. Eyes tend to have a great effect on the feel of the pokemon, and right now, they make it look very bland. Instead of those big, black Dream eyes, I suggest using grayish-blue compound eyes.

    As for the screenshots, the title screen is a bit distracting, if only because of that blaring photoshop effect. The pokemon reminds me a lot of a purple Houndoom. Your mom (as in, the character's) looks like a hooker, no offense. The maps look too balnd in some places, but very crowded in others. I like the lampost light effects as well as the railing, but the boxy FR/LG pokecenter doesn't really fit in this game. And by the way, for your dialogue (which is fine other than the fact that the grammar could use a little help), YOU SHOULDN'T USE ALL CAPITALS TO GET A POINT ACROSS BECAUSE IT GIVES A VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL LOOK TO WHAT YOU'RE WRITING. The starter selction screen, and tilesets all look very refreshing and new.

    Just keep at it, and you'll do fine. The story has promise, and the graphics are something to be envied.
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