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    Originally Posted by TheRexion View Post
    It's great!
    but the Pokemon could use some work
    Tell me which of them need work, I dont know if you saw, but the pokemon that need revamping are marked with a red cross on the pokedex

    Originally Posted by SethCullen View Post
    Wooow. This looks amazing. I cant wait to play it.Good luck.
    Thanks ^^. Sry to say that, but you will have to wait a bit before playing it xD.

    Originally Posted by h POKE View Post
    The textures in the new tilesets are amazing. Although I much prefer them over the boring 2-D styles of third gen, some of them look a bit out of place. The grass (both regular and tall), seem a bit unprofessional compared to the other tiles. The tall grass almost looks flat, but the idea and effort are definitely there. The color of the ocean, I think would actually look better in a dark blue rather than the dark blue, if only because it matches poorly with the froth of the rocks.
    I must say, however, the shadowing on the new sprite is refreshing.
    The most interesting and constructive post since the last update. Well, actually i like the tall grass, but I (and Zephyr :3) will see what i can do to make them look even better. Well about the rock dont matching the sea color, we will probably edit the rock tile soon or later.

    Originally Posted by ?Alistair? View Post
    Oh wow, this has come along leaps and bounds dude. It looks fantastic with custom tiles (Y) And the new Eletruxo looks really good.
    Its nice to hear this from you ^^. Your tiles are just awesome as well.

    Originally Posted by <~Flood~> View Post
    FINALLY MAN! Looks like my favorite pokamanz will be Eletruxo...Great job, and the tiles look good to. Keep up the good work. hmmm I think you should also fix up its starting evo too, but thats just me. ;)
    I was thinking on the same thing, he deserves a revamp too ^^.

    Thanks for the good comments guys, but next time try to make more construtive ones, they really help us improving the game! ALSO, YAY post 100!