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PokeNoob- A little starter kit made by me and Nytkoi ;]
Hey, everyone! Its me, Poke-fyu! My and Nytkoi, the scripter, are creating a small project that will become bigger upon progress. No story, just a starter kit.

-No Essentials
-Kyledove's tiles (no, not d/p)
-Already made first map, route, and city by mapped by Nytkoi
-Hopefully, a new battle system. We might need some help on that! -.-;
-And a lot more!

-Poccil for making essentials and inspiring me!
-Nytkoi for all the great help! Please don't yell at him for this, yell at me. I created this ;;

Just a little sneak peek;

Thanks for reading!
This is probably not going to be that great, so dont get crazy on me ;;

Pokemon: Anime Recreated Version; Coming Soon

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