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Okay then. I'll add you to the list! It won't be long before you get your first Electric Type, hehe :D

I had some more time today(yay for no exams! XD) and I've went further in my game:

-got through the Rock Tunnel without using Flash.
-defeated Erika, evolving my Drowzee in the process.
-went through the Game Corner, defeating Giovanni
-climbed the Pokemon Tower, while grinning at the fact that Ghost didn't effect Psychic in this generation. =D
-defeated Giovanni again at Silph Co.
-had my battle with Sabrina, lasting longer due to her Alakazam using Recover too much >_<
-entered the Safari Zone to catch myself an Exeggcute
-got my hands on the Super Rod, allowing me to catch the game's remaining Psychics
-received my Soul Badge after beating Koga in a match. =D

Current Team:

Level 26
-Ice Beam

Level 34
-Poison Gas

Level 33
-Seismic Toss

Level 34
-Mega Punch
-Light Screen

Level 26
-Lovely Kiss

Level 22
-Body Slam

Level 25

Now off to Cinnabar Island! :D