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    Alright, I thrashed Brock into the ground!


    Whizzed my way through the starting point and traveled to route 22 to catch me a Mankey. Easy capture. Afterwards I deposited Pikachu for being a sick, sick and fat mouse.
    Trained my Mankey in route 22 for a bit to level 8 until it learned Low Kick. After that I went my merry way into Viridian Forest, where all the poisonous weedles were taken out.. Oddly enough.. Mass insecticide?
    Defeated all the trainers with ease apart from the malicious Metapods.
    Arrived at Pewter city, went right to the gym and kicked the gym into a gritty mess! Brock tried to subdue me with his Onix and Bide but failed miserably for the Onix being such a heavy thing.

    Team so far:

    Level 13
    Low Kick
    Highest Stat: Attack - 30
    Lowest Stat: Special - 16

    One thing about Mankey: what's up with his back sprite? Does he have tentacles?!
    Damn.. Those are some funky arms!

    Next part will be done after Misty is beaten and the plot mildly thickens.

    I just realised that I'll only be able to get 4 Pokemon during this! I can't get Hitmonchan due to not having a link cable and wanting Hitmonlee anyway so that leaves me with a party that leaves much to desire.
    I'm guessing that this isn't going to be easy at all.