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    Originally Posted by Alakazam17 View Post
    Another quirk I'm noticing now that I hadn't before is that NPC's with Fire Types will refuse to use Fire moves on my Starmie, XD. Even when their only alternatives are Roar and/or Growl. XDDD
    Alright, I beat Misty! I'm moving quick through the game but I'm having fun. It's what you have to expect :D

    Ok, I started in route... uhh.. 3? The battles were no problem to me whatsoever, easy peasy. However, I did learn Karate Chop; meaning I can now kick the hide of anything in my way. My Mankey is literally an unstoppable force.
    Mount Moon was pretty much the same basic deal, except with more random encounters. I accidentially used a poke ball on a Geodude and caught it.. uhh.. woops? Nonetheless I deposited it when I got to Cerulean.
    Found the 'Super Nerd' and what a title that is to call someone! Is it a geek? Is it a troll? NO! It's Super Nerd!
    Anyway, I took the Dome fossil because I like the name and I went for the exit.


    Jesse and James show up to foil my plans. What should I do?
    Karate Chop FRENZEH!
    I defeated Meowth and Ekans in one, but Koffing managed to survive long enough to poison me.. Good thing I had antidotes or that would be quite a pickle.

    Arrived at Cerulean and went straight to the gym again. You guessed it.. I chopped them so hard, the water divided into two!
    Now, you may be wondering why I quoted Alakazam. Well, Misty's Starmie kept on using Harden. Seriously, no bubblebeam action here. I find it odd how bad the AI can be in this game, even if they sometimes use X items, they still manage to fail at exposing weaknesses. I found it to be a bit of a gip, as I could've been defeated if Starmie used bubblebeam. Oh well, I thrashed her into the ground (Or should I say waves?)

    Current team again

    Level 22
    Karate Chop
    Low Kick
    Highest Stat: Attack - 48
    Lowest Stat: Special - 26

    Odd fact: Misty doesn't have red hair in her OW sprite, it's black. Huh...
    The Slowbro in Cerulean is replaced with an Electrode in yellow. Why? I have no idea.