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    Alright, I beat L.T Surge.
    Sailors and high voltage ahoy!

    My journey continues by going through the Underground path. I found a young girl who was willing to trade a Machoke for a cubone! A sound deal; I'll catch a Cubone sometime when I reach Lavender Town.

    Obtained an old rod in town, but deposited it in the PC for being useless for anything but Magikarps. What a shame.. I could've had Poliwag (Will be Wrath) sooner.
    Not going to bother getting the bike, I walk fast enough to not care about it and the glitch to enter Cycling Road without a bike further promotes me to not bother with the bike.
    Entered the S.S Anne and - oh, you know what happened..
    I kicked everybody in the nuts with no problem. My rival I destroyed using rage. In the first gen, rage doesn't stop. Rage will keep on being used until the Pokemon faints or the battle is won, so it's best when it's used wisely.

    Got Cut from the captain and taught it to my HM slave 'Bulbaslave' who will be my main cutter. As for Strength/Surf, they will be taught to my normal party as they're decent attacks in their own right.

    Anyway, went into LT Surge's gym and easily beat all the trainers. The puzzle was - err - easy this time! I got it straight away with no hitches; you could say it was shockingly lucky! (Ew..)
    L.T surge was a pushover with his Raichu. It fainted in two from my Primeape. I preferred the Red/Blue/Green battle with this dude over the yellow one by far.

    Anyway, my party now

    Level 33
    Karate Chop
    Focus Energy
    Low Kick
    Highest Stat: Attack - 89
    Lowest stat: Special - 55
    Fun fact:
    Primeape's lowest stat is actually one point below it's second lowest: defense!

    Next part will come when I get to Lavender Town and I pick up my chum Machop!