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I don't see anything wrong with using an emulator, as I've seen other threads like this where they were allowed. So I'll just edit that point into the first post.

And Ruby-kun, you can go ahead and use that Mankey.

As for skaterzpenguin:
1) I almost wanted to ignore you completely after that PM you sent me. But alas, I'm too nice for my own good. And for your information I didn't have time to go through everything here earlier. >_<
2) Yes, the point is to use the same type in each generation. So if you use Electric in Red, you must use it for the other games as well.

And with that aside, I'll add the new names to the list. And expect an update from me sometime tonight or tomorrow.


EDIT: beat me to posting, Hair_of_the_Dawn.

You can back up Caterpie for training purposes, but challenge the Gyms with only Caterpie/Butterfree.