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    Got through Rock Tunnel a bit ago..
    Going Rocky style in Rock Tunnel

    Started in Cerulean and cut down the tree blocking the way to the east. Thrashed all the trainers with Primeape as usual and picked up a useless TM I will never, ever need.

    Outside of Rock Tunnel I decided to catch a Machop. Anything I would've used would defeat it, so I had to chuck balls at it. It took 6 tries to get it, in the end.
    Trained Machop up to level 24 or so and then entered Rock Tunnel.

    Got my first taste of the Psychic type as I fought Slowpokes. They made quick work for Machop so I had to use Primeape on all the slowpokes after that. I know that Pyshics will be a royal thorn in my side during this and the Slowpokes are pure proof of what is yet to come..

    As I traveled through Rock Tunnel, my Machop was leveling pretty fast so while in the tunnel, it evolved! Now it's a beautiful Machoke and will be a secondary fighter below the in game traded Machamp.
    I skipped a few trainers so I could heal in Lavender and then returned, where - shock horrors! Primeape fainted for the first time! Darn!
    Oh well, I managed to get through Rock Tunnel without Flash, anyway. Flash is oddly realistic in Red and Blue. You can't see your surroundings but you can see a small amount around you such as the walls. It works way more realistic than the other games so far.

    Anyway, I'm now in Lavender. Ill do the next part once I finish Pokemon Tower and get Machamp/Poke Flute/Super Rod/Poliwag. It'll be a huge segment that's for sure!

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